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What's RZLTS?

RZLTS makes it easy & free to add push notification ability, management & reporting to your apps. Record in-app user actions and later target those actions with specific messages that go right to a dedicated in-app inbox. Assign quality scores to certain actions and gain better insight into the true quality of your users.

The Only Unlimited Free Service

RZLTS is currently the only unlimited push messaging management service available free of charge. Most of the other services offer free plans which are restricted and become more expensive as you grow. We're able to offer free service by showing the Sponsored Apps section located at the bottom of each inbox message. Use the revenue calculator to get an estimate on your potential earnings.

Download the Overview (pdf)

How the Free Plan Works

Add the RZLTS SDK to your app
With just a few lines of code this enables push notification messaging in your app and provides users with a dedicated App Inbox that opens a new communication channel between you and your user base. push messaging services
android developer push notifications ios developer push notifications
Add the App Inbox icon to your UI
Totally optional but provides constant access to your users to the App Inbox. mobile user quality tester
Automated Engagement + Revenue
Keep users thinking about your app by sending automated pre-made & custom push notifications. Each message lands into a dedicated App Inbox. increase user engagement
Localized & Relevant
Pre-made messages are automatically translated based on the user's device language setting. The content of the message is up to you which sits above a 'Suggested Apps' section.
Custom Push Notifications + Analytics
Send an unlimited amount of custom push notification/inbox messages & earn even more. Hyper-targeting ability, based on custom data points, geo, language, device and much more.
Custom Data Points
Record specific user actions within your app and assign a quality score to each giving you greater insight into the quality of your users and their post-install activity.
Privacy-first Experience
Your users have full control over their privacy, push notification & App Inbox message preferences.
Ad Policy Compliant
Compliant with both Google Play and Apple App Store developer advertising policies.


User Quality Scores

See user Quality Scores to help understand & optimize your user acquisition campaigns.

Massive Scale, Bring It On

The RZLTS platform automatically scales with your apps handling millions of users & messages daily.

Better Targeting

Target messages by specific user behaviors, actions, quality or your entire user base.

Save Your Time

Push Notification Messaging is a necessity for a successful engagement strategy, save development time & costs by leveraging RZLTS.


Both account plans have full access to our RESTful API. Send Push Notifications, record Data Points from your server-side.

Custom Integration Services

Have specific needs for integrating with your app or game? We can help design a custom integration solution meeting your specific requirements.


Whether you are looking to engage + monetize or just engage, we have a plan for you.

The We Pay You plan

Obviously free to use and we pay you monthly based on users engaging with the 'Suggested Apps' section included on each message. Full access to all Paid plan features.

The You Pay Us plan - with no ads

No ads, unlimited App Inbox & push notification messaging use, device profiling, user quality scores, RESTful API, message analytics & custom targetable data points. $5 per month for first 1k users, $10 per month for each additional 1k active users.

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